Information Security Major Co-Construction

Talent training objectives
Guided by vocational position, with the help of industry-education integration and collaborative education, adhering to the education concept with sustainable development as the core, stratified education and individualized education are conducted to cultivate information security professionals in middle and higher vocational colleges, and build a new talent training mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education. On the basis of the traditional network application technology talent cultivation, geared to the needs of modern enterprises lack of vacancies, information security training to master the theories and skills of information technology, network security product installation and debugging, the database security management, site safety management, firewall security strategy, security risk assessment technology talents.
Program construction content
1 Simulation + interactive real computer training teaching
DCN network university provides cloud teaching and training product oriented to information security. It is a teaching and training platform that adopts "simulation + interactive real machine", so as to achieve the purpose of targeted self-study for students and real machine operation teaching for real enterprise projects.


2Task leading + project teaching curriculum resources construction
The training cloud platform provides abundant teaching resources and high-quality curriculum system, introduces real project training cases of enterprises, breaks down each project case into a series of task sets, and then maps each task to theoretical knowledge points and binds corresponding teaching resources. Teachers can also share and use their own high-quality teaching resources through the platform.


3 Teaching quality diagnosis and evaluation + co-construction and sharing of results transformation
Through the collection of data generated by students during the training, the overall evaluation of students' learning situation and teachers' teaching effect is made through big data. Through the co-construction and sharing of the platform, the high-quality teaching resources developed by teachers all over the country will be gradually incorporated into the platform, and the achievements of new technologies and ideas presented by the course resources in the platform will be transformed into teaching contents, so as to realize the transformation of teaching achievements.

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