Computer Network Technology Major Co-construction

Talent training objectives

Guided by jobs, with the aid of integration education, cooperative education, adhere to sustainable development as the core concept of education, hierarchical culture, according to their aptitude, geared to the needs of secondary vocational colleges and universities to develop to meet the need of modernization construction, to master the necessary basic knowledge of modern computer network technology, basic skills, has the stronger "author", "network", "net" practice ability, the enterprises and institutions engaged in computer network design and form, management and application of high quality technical skills.

Program construction content

1 Simulation + interactive real computer training teaching

DCN network university provides cloud teaching and training products for computer network technology. It is a teaching and training platform that adopts "simulation + interactive real machine" to achieve students' targeted independent learning and real machine operation teaching for real enterprise projects.


2 Task guidance+project teaching curriculum resources construction

The training cloud platform provides abundant teaching resources and high-quality curriculum system, introduces real project training cases of enterprises, breaks down each project case into a series of task sets, and then maps each task to theoretical knowledge points and binds corresponding teaching resources. Teachers can also share and use their own high-quality teaching resources through the platform.



3 Teaching quality diagnosis and evaluation + co-construction and sharing of results transformation

Through the collection of data generated by students during the training, the overall evaluation of students' learning situation and teachers' teaching effect is made through big data. Through the co-construction and sharing of the platform, the high-quality teaching resources developed by teachers all over the country will be gradually incorporated into the platform, and the achievements of new technologies and ideas presented by the course resources in the platform will be transformed into teaching contents, so as to realize the transformation of teaching achievements.


4 Competition guide + certificate guide simulation exercise

The platform includes the loading and drilling of the competitions and the examination questions and the simulation exercises over the years. It is convenient for students and teachers to conduct the contest or examination exercises at any time. All skills competition items loaded in the platform can be modularized and managed, covering the corresponding competition items of various majors, and the competition cases in all competition items can be split and combined.
Construction of practical training course system
Network technology course task-based Network technology (switching, routing, wireless) training courseware 200 examples
Based the project  Network technology comprehensive training project courseware 50 examples
Network construction and application The simulation practice  Network construction and application of course resources 10 examples
Certificate of network engineer 
Textual research practice
Digital China network engineer examination questions bank, including DCNE and DCNP examination training questions bank
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